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VW Passat Coupe: New rendering of the 4 door coupe

VW Passat Coupe
Here’ a new rendering of the 4 door VW Passat Coupe and how it might look like. Expect to see the real deal at Geneva Motor Show in March 2008.

On the front, the Passat four-door-coupe will feature twin-headlights with a chrome grille. Interior quality is said to be superior to the regular Passat’s with more equipment as standard. The car will be more saloon looking than a coupe to allow for a more spacious interior with the rear passengers getting figure-hugging seats.

Another cool feature is the integrated tailgate which is put together by a double-hinged device and powered by a button. If you push the button once, the lower lid will lift. Push it twice, and the rear window will swing skyward like a station-wagon rear end.

VW Passat Coupe

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Source: EGM Cartech