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VW Scirocco: Another preview

VW Scirocco
We found another preview of how the VW Scirocco might look like. Photoshop at its best. Enjoy!

Production will start at VW’s Portugal plant early next year alongside its cousin, the Eos convertible. Since both cars share the same basic underpinnings it’s thought VW may add a drop-top version of the Scirocco complete with a folding metal roof.

The engine lineup will kick off with VW’s brilliant 1.4L twin-charger and top out with the Golf R32’s torquey 3.2L V6 engine. Both FWD and AWD models will be on offer, including a new GTI version with VW’s latest 2.0L turbo engine and FSI technology. This new engine, which will also be appearing in the Mark VI Golf GTI, will develop around 230hp and will be available with the six-speed DSG gearbox.

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Source: Motor Authority