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VW Space up! blue: Checked by Arnold Schwarzenegger

VW Space up! blue
California’s governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has check the VW Space up! blue at the LA Motor Show.

Very funny. Yes, he said he’d be back, but rather than hurtling after baddies in a Hummer, Arnold Schwarzenegger came over all green this afternoon when he checked out Volkswagen’s innovative Space Up Blue at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The California Governor was shown around the hydrogen-powered four-seater by Stefan Jacoby, VW’s boss in America. Featuring an advanced high-temperature fuel-cell powertrain, the emission-free Space Up Blue has a range of 220 miles and although petrol and diesel-powered versions of the Up will arrive before the end of the decade, VW will be pushing its engineers hard to ready a hydrogen powered version within the next three years.

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Source: Car Magazine