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VW Space up! blue: Interface designed by Apple?

VW Space up! blue
Glad to see that so many websites have picked up our initial thought that the interface of the VW Space up! blue looks like made by Apple.

The touchscreen (no mention of multi-touch support) uses proximity sensors to react to gestures, apparently, without actually touching the display. The user can simply touch the “main menu carousel” to navigate to the desired category or manipulate the system with simple hand gestures near the display. Autoblog says, “Visually, this control is just as spectacular as it is intuitive.” Now, chew on this for a second. VW announced earlier this week that all new VW models in 2008 2009 will have touchscreens. Is this what Apple has in store for us at January’s MacWorld?

VW Space up! blue

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Source: Engadget