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VW Tiguan HyMotion, VW Passat Lingyu: Participating in Michelin’s Environmental Challenge in China

VW Tiguan HyMotion, VW Passat Lingyu
VW China has entered the VW Passat Lingyu and the VW Tiguan HyMotion into the Michelin Environmental Challenge in China.

Volkswagen has entered a “green” version of the Tiguan, along with a zero-emissions Passat, in Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum. The event is intended to encourage research and development of environmentally friendly vehicles and encompasses meetings, a rally and technical trials. The hydrogen fuel cell Tiguan HyMotion and China-built Passat Lingyu run on electric motor and lithium-ion battery power. Both vehicles are making their world debuts on the Challenge Bibendum stage.

VW Tiguan HyMotion, VW Passat Lingyu

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Source: Inside Line