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VW Touareg 2: Review

VW Touareg 2
We found a nice review of the VW Touareg 2. Enjoy!

The Touareg distinguishes itself from the Audi and Porsche SUVs with its impressive offroad abilities. Every version has a permanent four-wheel-drive system, and off-roaders will appreciate the impressive 33-degree approach and departure angles. Hill Roll Back and Hill Descent Assist keep the Touareg 2 in place when ascending and descending inclines, and an adjustable air suspension is available as a $2,900 option.

While the Cayenne and Q7 are road-carvers, the Touareg 2 has a typical SUV feel. It has a high ride height, and turning onto highway onramps leads to substantial body lean; the SUV always feels disconnected from the road. There’s no noticeable highway or wind noise, which is exactly as it ought to be in a luxury vehicle like this. The version I tested had the air suspension, which made for a comfortable highway ride.

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