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VW Transporter: Get yourself a new toaster

VW Transporter
If you are a huge fan of the VW Transporter, you should consider buying yourself a new toaster.

Volkswagen originally had these promotional toasters done up for its Japanese operation. Buy a new VW or bring your VeeDub in for an inspection, get a toaster. While supplies last, of course. There were only 5,000 produced, and fans of splitties and air-cooled VWs in general are rightfully nutso for them. We’re not sure if the 100-volt wiring for the Japanese consumer will be okay on the slightly higher voltage here in the US, but if you torch your house after spending at least $250 on the toaster, please don’t hold us responsible. Just in time for Christmas, the ultimate culinary delight for Volkswagen fans.

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Source: Autoblog