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VW Type I: The original Beetle comes to LEGO

VW Type I
The original VW Beetle, called the VW Type I, will come to LEGO. Nice, consider it a buy!

Suddenly last summer, there they were in Billund. Two experts from the Volkswagen car manufacturer – seated at a conference table in Idea House.

In their hands they held a beetle. The Beetle. The one­ and­ only Beetle. Their own “Volkswagen Type I” – known all over the world under a host of local names: Beetle, K&aumlfer, Boble, Coccinelle and many more. And now it was being carefully studied – in LEGO bricks.

Sitting by them – watching intently – was a LEGO designer. For Steen Sig Andersen, this was the culmination of months of development work.

This summer, two VW employees visited Billund. And next summer, the car (the small one) will hit the market, targeting the adult fans.

Today, a completed sample of the finally approved Beetle stands on Steen Sig Andersen’s desk. It’s ready to hit retailers’ shelves in the second half of 2008.

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Source: VWvortex