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Audi A4: S line offered in Europe, something cool coming for US

Audi A4
Audi has introduced the S line package for the new Audi A4 in Europe and promised something cool for the US, too.

Audi AG on Tuesday unveiled a new S line sport package for the European A4 Ambition. Meanwhile, Audi of America told Inside Line that, although the U.S. probably won’t see the Ambition name on a 2009 A4, the automaker “won’t hold back on cool stuff” for its U.S. clientele.

“U.S. customers won’t be shorted when the new A4 comes out,” said Christian Bokich, Audi of America spokesman. “We will offer some, if not all [of the S line package], in different bits and pieces. We’re still finalizing the [2009] A4 lineup for the U.S. but won’t hold back on cool stuff from Germany.”

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Source: Inside Line