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Audi: Model and engine plan for 2008 leaked!

It looks like somebody has leaked Audi’s official model and engine plan to various sites. You can read here all the news for 2008. Nice! Will be a great year for Audi again.

A3 Facelift (Middle 2008) – We’re guessing a 2009 model year refresh based on some of the changes we’ve seen on the European-only A3 cabriolet.

A3 Cabriolet – end of January, Europe only

Audi TTS – 2nd quarter 2008, 198 kW, manual and S-tronic

A4 Avant – Spring 2008 (we hear it may drop at Geneva)

S5 Tiptronic – First quarter 2008

Q5 – End of third quarter 2008, 2.0 TDI and 3.0 TDI, manual tranny on 2.0 TDI and “S-Tronic” on both. Could this be the first iteration of the longitudinal DSG?

A6 Facelift – middle 2008

RS6 – first quarter 2008

Q7 V12 TDI – end of third quarter 2008

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Source: Fourtitude