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Audi: More information about upcoming Super Bowl ad

We found some more information about Audi’s upcoming Super Bowl ad with which they will intro a “new era in luxury”.

LEVERAGING A RECORD SALES YEAR in the U.S., Audi plans to introduce a “new era in luxury” with a 60-second ad buy in the Super Bowl.

“Coming off a record year where we launched the R8, we wanted to take the next step to popularize the brand. And if you want to make a major statement in the United States, you do it on the biggest stage, which happens to be the Super Bowl. The platform could not get bigger, and our creative will certainly drive home the point that there is a new era in luxury in the automotive category.”

Audi will also have a brand presence at the event in Scottsdale, Ariz., with a version of its Audi Forum retail concept.

Keogh says the company isn’t ready to talk creative, but allowed that “we will be tapping into our dealer networks and allowing prospective customers and current owners the opportunity to opt-in and see the spot online early on the day of the game. We’re still looking to keep an element of surprise to our plans.”

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Source: MediaPost