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Audi Q7: Review from New Zealand

Audi Q7
The Audi Q7 got reviewed in New Zealand the article is better than the picture let’s you assume.

The Q7’s refreshingly precise reactions to driver input – not just for an SUV – make for great confidence on backroads where it obeys every move of the wheel and feels amazingly communicative for something that weighs two-and-a-half-tonnes-plus with a driver and passenger.

The Q7 can take seven easily, though rearmost passengers might need to hunch a little under the tapered roofline, but all seven places are grown-up.

On its own, the Q7 doesn’t look as large as more square-rigged contemporaries, like Range Rovers, Cayennes and Touaregs, but when parked among them you get to see how big it really is.

Though it may be a little late coming to the party, its easy going nature, clever driving aids and genuinely useful format will ensure it sells well in a crowded market segment.

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