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Audi R8 R-tronic: Driving report

Audi R8 R-tronic
Driving reports with the R-tronic found in the Audi R8 are always nice to read, this one is no exception, especially because it’s written by an Audi expert. Nice pictures also!

Our U.S. spec R8 with its Magnetic Ride in the most comfortable setting does an admirable job dealing with the colonial-era cobblestone, though we still resort to an old DC cab-driver trick of riding on the now-unused trolley car tracks that run down the center of the street – two narrow-yet-smooth lines down the center of a raucously bumpy surface.

The R8’s flashy looks may be more L.A. than DC. On M Street passing under signs like Dean & DeLuca and Benetton, the R8 got stares, looks and appreciative nods. On the more quiet back streets, the Audi takes on a smarter demeanor. While it still sports the proportions of an exotic, its more Teutonic lines, comfort and four-ringed badge seem to make it a smarter buy.

Audi R8 R-tronic

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Source: Fourtitude