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Audi R8: Test drive report

Audi R8
Here’s another nice test drive report of the Audi R8.

Time was that if you wanted a proper supercar, you went to the Italians — Ferrari or Lamborghini. But for 2008, German automaker Audi has introduced their first mid-engine supercar, the R8. With a 420 horsepower V8 nestled behind the passenger compartment, all-wheel-drive, and a shape to die for, the 2008 Audi R8 sure has the right resume.

All that went out the window the moment the R8 arrived. I instantly turned into a 14-year-old with his bedroom walls covered in posters of Countaches and Samantha Fox. (I grew up in the 80s.) Even now, as I sit here at the keyboard, all I can think is Holy cow, there’s an Audi R8 in my driveway! How cool is that? (The answer, by the way, is REALLY FRICKIN’ COOL.)

Never mind how fast it is (very). Never mind how well it handles (unbelievable). Never mind how beautiful it is (breathtaking). As I drove the R8, my left brain would ask questions like “Do I detect a bit of front differential binding in sharp turns?” to which my right brain would answer “I’m driving an R8, this is so awesome!”

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