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Audi R8: Worthy new boy in the supercar league

Audi R8
Although this review gets the positioning of the Audi R8 as supercar wrong, it’s still a nice read and they are right in their core finding.

If ever there was a car that clears a path through traffic then it’s Audi’s new R8. Most drivers spotting Ingolstadt’s mid-engined beast in their mirrors quickly move over to let it pass, startled by its sheer presence.

Can’t blame them, given that it car arrives on a scene with a flourish like Ursula Andress or Halle Berry emerging bikini-clad from the waves in a James Bond movie.

Every angle of the aluminium-bodied R8 brings its own highlight. You can stare for ages at that front with its low, wide stance and its always-on LED “eyeliners” on the headlights.

You can spend even longer regarding the midships V8 under its glass cover, more like an art exhibit than a machine that turns petrol into power. There’s not an errant bolt or wire to be seen in this Teutonic display of neatness and symmetry set among sporty carbon fibre and steel-mesh panels.

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