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Audi RS4 Cabrio: A speedboat of a car

Audi RS4 Cabrio
Here’s a very nice review (including two videos!) of the one of the best cabrios out there, the Audi RS4 cabrio. Fantastic car!

Eighty-two thousand dollars. Three hundred cars to be available. No reasonable discussion of the Audi’s new-to-these-shores RS4 Cabriolet is going to be possible without first addressing those rather shocking numbers, so we might as well take care of it right away. The droptop RS4 is going to be a very rare car. Not rare in the Acura RL sense, which is merely another way of saying “unwanted”, but rare in the deliberately-limited-production sense. It will be rarer in the United States than any number of well-known supercars, from the Ferrari 430 to Audi’s own R8. A discreet inquiry to our hometown Audi dealership indicated that there was simply no chance of acquiring one; the allocation had been sold long before the first car was built.

Perhaps it is just another expression of the increasingly close relationship Audi is developing with its resurgent fan base in the United States. More so than its competition, Audi is demonstrating a willingness to bring over cars for very small customer groups – from the A3 hatch to the R8 supercar – and those customer groups are responding to the effort. The customers who asked for, and received, the RS4 cabriolet are likely to be particularly well pleased; this is a swift, satisfying speedboat of a car which delivers more than it promises.

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Source: Dubspeed Driven