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Audi S5: Four seasons sinister

Audi S5
Motive Mag has a nice article about the Audi S5. Make sure to read and also watch their pictures, nice shots!

On their 1996 album If You’re Feeling Sinister, indie rock group Belle and Sebastian offered a straightforward cure for the title’s affliction: “Go off and see a minister.” But me, I’m not really the churchgoing type. I say indulge in your dark side, head to the nearest Audi dealership, and drop a down payment on a phantom black S5, the most nefarious-looking coupe money can buy.

The S5 that arrived at Motive headquarters wasn’t just evil and black on the outside — the darkness was also within; the seats and doors lined with black leather, the console framed in elegant piano-black lacquer. If I were a bit older, blasting The Phantom of the Opera through the Bang & Olufsen sound system would have been the perfect black cherry on top, but I was compelled instead to find the angriest electronic music my iPod would offer. This B&O system shouldn’t be confused with the $6300 unit that made its debut on the S8 sedan, as the S5’s is a modest $850 option. Like the flagship system, it hits many wonderful highs but sometimes struggles with deep, punchy bass notes. Also among the optional equipment is an iPod interface mounted in the glove box. It’s intuitive to use — it actually allows full browsing and navigation of a connected iPod through the MMI dial mounted below the shifter.

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Source: Motive Mag