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Audi TT: Diesel engine indirectly confirmed

Audi TT
Have a look on the dashboard sticker of this special Audi TT which was caught on some spy shots during winter testing: should be confirmation enough that an Audi TT diesel is in the works! Finally, our dreams come true. It’s definitely a match made in heaven, the agility of the Audi TT and the torque of a diesel engine. Great news!

Audi engineers have now officially confirmed the fact that the TT will get an TDI engine. Due to a sticker on the central console with the inscription Achtung diesel-Fzg (Attention diesel version). Now it is clear that Audi will get the 2.0 liter TDI engine delivering 170 bhp from the Passat and the Audi A4 but it could also get the 235 bhp 3.0 liter that is currently used by the new A5 coupe.

Audi TT

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Source: 4wheelsblog