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Audi TT Roadster 3.2 quattro: Driving report

Audi TT Roadster 3.2 quattro
We found a very nice driving report of the Audi TT Roadster 3.2 quattro including some really good photos. Please enjoy!

We have to admit – it’s pretty hard to review the second generation TT without comparing it to the first. So let us get this out of the way right up front, the second generation TT is a more than worthy successor to the original. It is a better car dynamically, it is significantly lighter and stiffer and offers considerably more features. As for styling, it’s not the groundbreaking design the original one was, but second generations with established audiences rarely are.

With the original, Audi used elements of the TT’s design to guide the corporate design language for that period. With the second generation model, it is obvious that the TT follows the new design language and has been designed to more closely emulate the new R8. If you look closely enough, you see that the TT shares more than a few design cues as well as interior parts with the new R8.

Audi TT Roadster 3.2 quattro

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Source: Fourtitude