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Audi TT Roadster: Means top-down fun even in winter

Audi TT Roadster
Nice review here of the Audi TT which is even great fun to drive in winter, and these guys should know, they are living in Vail.

If you happened to be tooling along a snowy I-70 between Eagle and Edwards a couple of weekends ago and you noticed some doorknob in a brand-new convertible cruising at a high rate of speed with his roof down, looking alternately cool and ridiculous … well, yes, that was me.

With a nice patch of sunny skies and temperatures right at freezing, I thought it might be about my only chance to check out the al fresco experience offered by the all-around enticing and exciting 2008 Audi TT Roadster — an automobile perhaps not normally associated with winter travels, but surely capable of year-round duty.

Rather, the TT is sporty, sophisticated and totally secure, even when confronted with challenging, snowy roads.

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Source: Vailtrail, picture by Audi