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Audi TT: TTS, TDI and TTRS planned!

Audi TT
Audi is planning a fast trio for the Audi TT with rumored Audi TTS, Audi TT TDI and Audi TTRS in the works. And we still hope for the Audi TT Clubsport quattro!

Coming in Summer 2008: TTS

The first of Audi’s new TT performance trio to arrive will be a new four-cylinder turbo model running a version of the Audi S3’s four-cylinder turbo engine, and with a UK price tag of around £33,000 – the 266bhp TTS.

Here in early 2009: TT TDi

Joining the growing ranks of sporting diesel coupes in early 2009 – and coming as a direct rival to the new BMW 123d coupe – will be a twin-turbo diesel version of the TT.

Our spies have only this week caught the first development prototype of this car doing cold weather testing. It looks like an ordinary TT from the outside, but don’t be fooled; it’s the label on the car’s dashboard that gives its origins away.

Under the bonnet of this new sporting oil-burner is the VW Group’s new twin-turbo version of its 2.0-litre common rail diesel engine.

The hottest TT of all: TTRS

Before the end of the decade we’ll see the ultimate performance version of the Audi TT – a car that many expect to revive the spirit of the short-wheelbase Audi Sport Quattro S1 in more ways than one – the TTRS.

This car will be a TT like we’ve never seen before. It’ll be priced at around £45,000 in order to undercut the new BMW M3, and to put plenty of clear air between it and the forthcoming, £55,000, 414bhp Audi RS5. And it’ll earn that price tag with a cleverly set-up, rear-biased Quattro four-wheel drive system, with twice as much driver involvement as any other TT, and with a 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine producing a generous 343bhp – enough to crack 62mph in under 5.0secs and to show a clean set of heels to a Porsche Cayman S.

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Source: Autocar