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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Reinforcing Bentley’s niche market strategy

Bentley Continental GT Speed
We found a very interesting article about the Bentley Continental GT Speed and how it’s reinforcing Bentley’s niche market strategy. A good read!

As mentioned, competition in the marketplace is increasing. Aston Martin’s DB9 is in Bentley’s territory, Maserati is moving in the same direction, and Mercedes-Benz has positioned its new CL model closer to the Continental. “It’s obvious,” says Paefgen, “they have all studied what we have been doing and will be there sooner or later.”

However, Paefgen sees important distinctions between the brands. “Aston are British like us, but they do sports cars and are closer to brands like Ferrari and Porsche. Compared to Rolls-Royce we are more sporting and aimed at the more active driver.”

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Source: Detroit News, picture by Automobile Magazine