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Lamborghini Gallardo: A supercar which needs some respect

Lamborghini Gallardo
According to this article the Lamborghini Gallardo needs some respect before having fun with it.

Eventually, I got used to the unpredictable gear-shifting, the touchy gas pedal, and the seemingly all-or-nothing brakes. Once I did, the car was a blast to drive. You can take this thing to illegal speeds in a few seconds. It can take tight corners faster than my driving skills will allow me to find out. By my third day of feeling out the car’s peccadilloes and nuances, I got the joke.
Tight Squeeze and Classy Looks

It’s an amazing piece of engineering. The steering is point-and-shoot. And it’s a mid-engine car, which makes for superb balance—its huge engine is set squarely in the car’s middle.

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Source: Business Week, picture by Nice Wallpapers