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Porsche Cayenne: Being downsized?

Porsche Cayenne
Accoriding to this report the next-generation Porsche Cayenne will be downsized and being build upon the Audi Q5 platform.

Instead, it appears Porsche’s next-generation Cayenne will be that ‘smaller’ SUV. Due to arrive in late 2009, the new Cayenne is tipped to be based on Audi’s upcoming Q5 architecture – relegating it to the midsize SUV segment. These latest renderings give us an early look at the new SUV, revealing it will be markedly smaller than the current model. It will feature shorter overhangs and will lose any pretensions of being a genuine off-road vehicle.

The 2010 Cayenne will be a hard-edged performance vehicle with superior handling and dynamics to the current car. Despite being smaller, most of the powertrains will carry over either unchanged or with a slight bump in power, once again including both V6 and V8 models: naturally aspirated and turbocharged.

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Source: Motor Authority