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Volkswagen: Attacking Toyota with German perfectionism and better design

As we have reported earlier Volkswagen clear target is to become the no. 1 carmaker and therefore they will attack Toyota on all fronts, mainly with German perfectionism and better design. At least the design part is an easy win…

Volkswagen has made it no secret that it wants to challenge Toyota for the number one carmaker spot, going so far as to set a 2018 target date as the year when its manufacturing numbers will surpass those of Toyota. The CEO with the vision, Martin Winterkorn, has now claimed he wants to stay at VW until the goal is reached.

Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Winterkorn boasted that “German perfectionism and better design” are the advantages VW has in its arsenal to overcome Toyota.

That’s why the German giant will be investing up to €9.5 billion over the next three years to help develop more than 20 new models around four basic platforms. At the same time, VW will also try to boost sales in the U.S. market, including manufacturing more unique models in North America.

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Source: Motor Authority