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VW Multivan Beach: Reviewed

VW Multivan Beach
Here’s a nice review of the VW Multivan Beach from South Africa.

The Beach features a garish new two-tone paint scheme, whilst the utilitarian interior suited to luggage laden road trips.

Luggage can be stowed in the roof luggage net or in a drawer under the 2-seater bench seat. In addition, everything else that needs to be packed can be stored in two stowage bags.

Longboards and sea kayaks pose little challenge for the capacious nature of the Beach loadbay. A rail system in the passenger compartment allows a variable adjustment of the stowage box and bench seat, enabling you to create space for bulky items.

The comfortable swivelling front seats assure fatigue-free driving on long journeys and with raised seating position, the Beach gives the driver an commanding view of traffic on the road.

The folding 2-seater bench seat in the passenger compartment, together with an upholstered stowage box and bed extension at the rear, can be made up into a cosy sleeping surface, perfect for overnighting when surf conditions are promising to be epic the next day at that perfect, isolated, surf spot.

Two flexible lights on the headlining turn night into day. You can enjoy breakfast at a folding table which is integrated in the sliding door to save space. This practical table and two standard folding chairs can also be used outside the vehicle at braaitime.

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Source: Wheels24