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VW Passat Coupe: Caught during winter testing

VW Passat Coupe
The soon to be released VW Passat Coupe has been caught during winter testing. Here are the first impressions!

The wraps are finally off the Passat Coupé – and there’s no mistaking what has influenced the sleek newcomer’s shape. Our snappers uncovered the car during winter testing, where it was up against both the weather and the Mercedes CLS.

As these pictures reveal, the VW shares the same rising waistline, low sweeping roof and high-set rear with the Merc star. At the front, the classy Passat carries a bold chrome grille and neat Eos-style front headlamps.

Inside, much of the cabin is carried over from the saloon, but quality has been improved. A significant addition will be the adoption of the latest touchscreen technology.

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Source: Autoexpress