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VW Touareg Cabrio: Unveiled on Spanish VW website!

VW Touareg Cabrio
UPDATE: Thanks to our reader Luis we can share some more insight into the “launch” of the VW Touareg Cabrio. It was a marketing stunt, a bad one. It seems like the guys from VW Spain had to much fiesta during the holidays and made a, not very funny, joke. Actually we like jokes, but this is just stupid.

The Spanish VW website has unveiled the VW Touareg Cabrio which hit us by complete surprise. Either the site got hacked or it’s a very good Marketing stunt by VW, although the timing during christmas holidays is a bit odd.

You can find more details on the fitting microsite for the VW Touareg Cabrio, but you need to invite a friend to learn more. Viral marketing at its best!
We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.

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Source: VW Spain via Historias del Motor