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VW Transporter: 60 years anniversary book available

VW Transporter
VW has published a nice looking book to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the VW Transporter. A must have for all bus lovers!

Fresh from celebrating the 60th anniversary of Volkswagen’s Transporter, fans can now relive the festivities thanks to a new book about the legendary van.

A total of 71,000 visitors and more than 5,100 Mini-Buses and Transporters – nicknamed the Camper in the UK and Bulli in its German homeland – converged on the Hanover Exhibition Centre for October’s International VW Mini-Bus Meeting.

And Lutz Schilling and Cliff Serna’s ‘60 Years VW Bulli – The Book’ has 330 pages of studio shots, plus pictures of virtually all the vehicles that registered to take part in the event. It’s available from www.vw-bulli.de for 14.90 Euros (£10.60) plus postage. The story of the Transporter is also detailed, accompanied by photos of the finest exhibits at the Wolfs­burg Automobile Museum.

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Source: AutoExpress