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Audi: 2007 review

2007 was without a doubt another fantastic year for Audi with another sales record and we have no doubt that 2008 won’t be an even bigger success with all those nice new models coming up. We found a nice review what happened 2007 for Audi and we consider it a must read for all Audi fans! Enjoy.

Now that it’s 2008 it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the Audi happenings of the past year. Readers will be able to quickly see the news and events which dominated the world of Audi in 2007, as well as diving into each article for more comprehensive information.

We have also designated a single newsworthy item as the Audi Event of the Year. In 2005 it was the final race for the venerable R8 race car at Le Mans, whereas in 2006 it was the highly anticipated debut of the R8 sportscar at the Paris Motor Show. This year we can’t help but believe that Audi’s return to a coupé offering is the biggest news of the year, and so the debut of the A5 / S5 gets the nod.

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Source: AudiWorld