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Audi A4: Reviewed by US Airways magazine

Audi A4
Interesting place to find a review of the Audi A4, but it shows that Audi is reaching now the broader senses of customers with the new Audi A4. Great car which got an excellent rating!

The A4’s expressive new styling makes it a standout in the crowded entry-level premium-sedan market. From the front, bejeweled headlamps frame Audi’s signature single-frame trapezoidal grille, while the taillights feature horizontally arranged reflectors that add depth. But it’s the unique white glow of the LED daytime-running lights that exemplify the A4’s styling.

Neatly packaged within the A4’s attractive new sheet metal are two innovative technologies that will drastically enhance your driving experience. The Audi drive select control system, or ADS, adjusts everything from the automatic transmission and engine to the adaptive dampers. Also part of ADS is Audi’s new Dynamic Steering, which uses a special gear to vary the effective steering ratio according to speed.

Audi A4

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Source: US Airways Magazine