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Audi: Awesome new microsite from Audi Japan

The Questioning Man
Audi Japan has just recently started a new brand campaign demonstrating Audi’s inherited culture and philosophy to always challenge the conventional. In order to support that brand campaign they have also started an awesome looking and working new microsite called “The Questioning Man“. Some of our readers have already spotted the black widget in our right sidebar and we have received many emails how it works and what it’s about.

Here’s how it works (at least if you can understand some Japanese):
– Fill in your question in the first input field
– Drop in your mail address of choice (Japanese users might prefer their mobile phone)
– Hit the send button below
– Watch the guy (only works if you visit the website by clicking on the “read more” link below)
– In just some seconds you will usually receive a hilarious answer by the guy, who as you can see was inspired by The Thinker from Auguste Rodin. It’s amazing how well he answers to your question.

Here are a few things we have noticed during our research:
– If you visit the site for the first time, you will recognize that the site is not branded, so we guess Audi Japan is out for some viral marketing
– Audi Japan’s viral approach seems to work as their website is currently ranked in the top 5 of Technorati Japan for the most popular keywords and it got featured as a spotlight
– Besides the ordinary questions which might come into your mind on an Audi site, you can even ask him about their competitors! We have received hilarious answers about BMW, Mercedes and even Volkswagen. Give it a try!
– There’s also a site for your mobile phone which works exactly as the widget here, just visit here, also works on an iPhone!

Diving deeper into the site you will find more interesting things:
– The brand campaign ads which seem to be featured in newspapers and magazines
– The blog widget which is used here and which you can also use on your site
– Some very nice wallpapers, even in the right size for the iPod Touch and iPhone!

Our summary: Check it out, it’s worth a visit. Vorsprung at its best!

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Source: Audi Japan, AudiStyle