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Audi: Big plans for 2008, interview with Scott Keogh

Scott Keogh
Here’s a very interesting interview with Audi of America’s Head of Marketing, Scott Keogh, who talks about Audi’s big plans in 2008.

BW: What’s happening after the Super Bowl?
SK: What we are doing [in 2008] with our media buys are on the bigger properties. We start with the Super Bowl, then go to the Oscars, then the Summer Olympics. We are looking at big leadership, iconic media properties where we can have a significant presence. Also, looking at the election year, we took some upfront bets. That was done looking at the strong scatter market in TV due to the elections, since elections can preempt anything in that market. But it’s not just TV. We more than doubled our online ad budget in 2007 (to about $1.2 million, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus) and we’ll double it [again] for 2008.

BW: You ran an ad that took a poke at Lexus’ self-parking technology, stating that Audi is “the car for people who can park themselves.” Will that attitude continue?
SK: With our parking spot, we were getting after a mindset that is “hit a button and we’ll take care of everything.” Our owners want dynamic driving features. They know how to performance-drive and they enjoy it. I think you’ll see in the Super Bowl that we will again do that with the ad, taking on what we consider an old luxury world.

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Source: Brandweek, picture by Fourtitude

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