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Audi: Introducing new fuel concept at World Economic Forum

Audi will introduce a new fuel concept at the World Economic Forum called GTL (gas-to-liquid).

Audi AG announced on Thursday that it plans to roll out what it calls a “new fuel concept” at the World Economic Forum annual meeting here, which kicks off January 23. The world’s power brokers attending the meeting will be chauffeured in a fleet of 81 diesel Audi A8s powered by gas-to-liquid fuel, or GTL.

Audi said in a statement that the fuel “will allow CO2 emissions from the Audi fleet to be reduced by about 13 percent compared to last year.” The synthetic fuel is made from natural gas. “Thanks to the combination of TDI and GTL, fuel consumption is also cut by about 10 percent,” the German automaker said.

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Source: Inside Line