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Audi, Porsche: Would you name your baby after them?

Audi, Porsche
As much as we like German cars, but it’s very odd to name your baby after them. Don’t you think? Even worse is naming it Lexus. Unless it comes with hundreds of buttons, we can’t see any good reason for doing so.

“It’s an bit of an unusual name, but I think he’ll like it,” John Kelly said. “I would like it if it was my name.” Craig and Sondra Harrington of Kilgore decided to continue an unusual theme when their twin daughters were born Oct. 28. Their 6-year-old daughter is named Lexus, and their two newest additions are named Porsche and Audi.

“It’s not that we like cars,” Sondra Harrington said. “(Craig’s) not a mechanic.”

Craig Harrington said he has always liked the name Porsche and wanted to give the name to their first child. Sondra Harrington said she already had picked the middle name Marie and did not like the combination.

“When I said no to Porsche, he looked up and saw a Lexus going by,” Sondra Harrington said.

When they discovered they were having twins, the Harringtons decided to keep the car theme going. They bypassed the more common Mercedes in favor of Audi.

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Source: News-Journal