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Audi Q1: Preview

Audi Q1
We found an interesting preview of the Audi Q1, although we have our doubts it will carry this name. Enjoy!

Visually, the Q1 is tipped to follow the theme set by Q5 and Q3. The trick is to ensure sufficient differentiation between the three model lines and to establish a strong visual link to the base models, in this case the A1. So the number of doors, the position, width and angle of the C-posts, the relation between grille and headlamps, the plan view and the proportion of the overhangs will all echo the A1 premium supermini.

Expect a coupe-type roof, a tall windowline and a minimalistic greenhouse. There may be a five-door version, and design chief Wolfgang Egger’s team are pondering a shooting brake theme (check out the A2 Open Air and Steppenwolf concepts).

By 2015 at the latest, all Audis will switch to electrically operated brakes. In a parallel development, the Ingolstadt R&D wizards are working on electric wheel hub motors which may one faraway day put the conventional internal combustion engine out of work.

How about unsprung masses, you ask? Well, Audi has already patented a new inertia-neutralising suspension concept which is said to cure this problem at speeds higher than 30mph.

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Source: Car Magazine