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Audi R8: Using Godfather movie scheme for Super Bowl ad

Looks like the big secret is out: we found some information that Audi’s Super Bowl ad will be based on a classic movie scheme: Godfather!

Audi’s first Super Bowl spot since 1991 will use one of the themes, if not scenes, from the classic movie The Godfather. The spot will run during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

Audi CMO Scott Keogh said that the concept is to use the theme of the 1972 movie as new world vs. old world in terms of luxury cars.

“It’s a classic struggle,” Keogh said. “And we’re taking it and applying it to Audi and using it to explain the nature of that conflict.”

The spot, via Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, plays on the attitudes of the characters in the movie, and “is not extremely verbose,” Keogh said. “We are not literal in the spot; it is open to interpretation.”

The spot will drive people to a Web site for the featured product, the R8. The ad will be posted on the site, along with outtakes from the production shoot.

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Source: Adweek, picture by Wikipedia