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Audi R8: Workaday supercar

Audi R8
We found a great article about the Audi R8 and why it’s a workaday supercar! A must see and read.

Not to worry. This supercar is prepared, with all-wheel-drive, stability control, and V-rated Pirelli Sottozero winter tires (235/35R19 front, 295/30R19 rear), it’s ready for anything that won’t high-center its modest 4.5-inch ground clearance. On my first day with the car I tried not to treat it special. I went to the barber for a haircut. Then went home and loaded seven bags of clothes and stuff for a Salvation Army run.

Stuffing the easily deformable cargo into the ostensibly 3.5-cubic foot front trunk, and placing a row of shopping bags behind the seats, left only a few bags riding in my passenger’s lap. Next it was off to Detroit’s Eastern Market to nab some killer deals on Australian chardonnay, California Zinfandel, and Canadian beer–a case of each for an upcoming party, all of which were swallowed by the front trunk (the lid of which includes a complete inner panel to prevent box corners from dimpling the outer skin). After dropping that cargo off, we went clothes shopping and ended up with a run to the grocery store for a week’s provisions, all of which were easily swallowed. As an errand runner, few cars that can approach this one’s low roofline, high price, and ability to garner attention can compete.

Audi R8

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Source: Motortrend