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Audi S4 Avant: Road test report

Audi S4 Avant
We found a good and interesting road test report of the Audi S4 Avant which is a very practical performance car. Actually the Audi S4 is one of our favorites in terms of handling and power.

You need a fast car. No, wait, you need a rocket. The winter cottage up north always seems too far away, and you’re anxious to get there so you can hit the ski trails and then relax in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

What vehicle should you choose? An SUV is the trend, but this type of vehicle is really starting to gain an environmentally-unfriendly image, and you don’t want that. So a station wagon is the way to go, so Rover can tag along. No way that dog’s gonna be sitting on the seats, or they’ll be beige hair everywhere. And, more importantly, this wagon’s got to have some serious firepower under the hood. The answer is the Audi S4 Avant.

Fast but not furious
It’s surprising to see how Audi succeeded in cramming a 4.2-liter V8 in the little A4’s shnoz. With 340 horsepower on tap, 100 km/h is attained in only 5.7 seconds. In addition, the V8 benefits from a throaty and addictive roar; the sound of the barking exhausts is ever-present.

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Source: Auto123