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Audi S5: A surprising car

Audi S5
Nice review here of the Audi S5 which “surprises everybody”.

If you’re caught by the S5’s shapely stance, you might agree that it’s fabulously understated. Based on the styling cues seen first in the Nuvolari quattro concept from 2003’s show-car circuit, the A5 and the companion sport model, the S5, are two-door coupes with a muscular, almost American silhouette.

The proportions are right, and there’s a curve and crest to the fenders and the beltline that echoes the new Camaro as well. It’s the details that cast the S5 distinctly as an Audi. In front, it’s the large grille that frames Audi’s four-ring logo, and the LED running lights that form a lower eyelid on the headlamps. In back, it’s the unique taillamp shapes and the delicate use of chrome trim.

The specifics matter to the enthusiasts, but in the real world the S5’s silhouette makes an immediate impact. If the valet parkers at LAX know it’s a new Audi, the stylists are doing something right.

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Source: The Car Connection