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Audi: Security Award in UK

Audi has been awarded with an award for their security. Congrats!

• 1.6 million recorded thefts from vehicles
• Audi topped security tests
• Security to feature in annual awards

Audi has won What Car?’s/Thatcham Security Award.

Sophisticated technology has made it much harder to steal cars. Key coding and intelligent engine management systems have blunted the amateur criminal’s charge, so the public assumes manufacturers have won the fight against thieves.

Yet theft from cars is still a massive problem in the UK. Mobile phones, laptop computers and satellite-navigation systems are now at the heart of modern living and, if left in full view of the villains, still risk being stolen.

Audi came out on top as every variant in each of the six model ranges complied with the selection criteria. Thatcham’s vehicle security manager, Mike Briggs, said: ‘Audi is without doubt the best manufacturer for vehicle security this year.

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Source: What Car?