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Audi: Yellow Angel award for best image

Audi has been awarded with the Yellow Angel for the Best Image in Germany.

Audi has taken first place in the AutoMarxX image and brand study by Germany’s ADAC automobile club. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management at Audi, accepted the coveted “Yellow Angel” prize today in Munich.
“Our product and quality initiative continues to bear fruit. This important award goes to our entire Audi team,” Stadler said at the award presentation. “Without their contributions, our success would not be possible.”

Reasons for the success of the Audi brand, according to ADAC, include technical advances and an astonishing variety of new models along with careful brand management and the use of a consistent design language. This has allowed Audi to develop into a premium brand that represents high prestige.

Audi took one of the top positions in almost every category measured, and bested the competition in particular when it came to image and technology. The brand was also among the front-runners in the areas of efficiency and quality.

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Source: Fourtitude