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Bentley Arnage R: Driving report by Jeremy Clarkson

Bentley Arnage R
Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear has an interesting driving report about the Bentley Arnage R. Make sure to read!

On every rational level, then, this £160,000 car is junk. A throwback to the days when Britain was on a slippery slide to industrial death. And yet…

If you push through the tricky town-driving characteristics, and the madness of the dashboard and the harsh ride, you will find the Arnage shifts like a scalded elephant.

But the best thing about this car – the one thing that oozes from every handmade stitch – is the unparalleled sense of occasion it affords. When you climb aboard it’s a bit like climbing into your dinner jacket. It’s uncomfortable and stupid, but there’s a sense that you’re about to do something very special.

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Source: Times Online