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Bugatti: The perfect toy for your kids

1927 Baby Bugatti
Christmas is officially over, but it’s never too late to bring some happiness to your kids, for example with this 1927 Baby Bugatti.

This reproduction 1927 Baby Bugatti Type 52 isn’t actually a miniaturization of a full-size car. It’s a retro recreation of the Baby Bugatti that Ettore actually offered to the scions of industry and princes of Europe in the late 1920s. Only 499 were said to have been made, and all were capable of running around the mansion grounds at around 10 mph. This recreation was modeled on one example of the original purchased at auction. It measures about six and a half feet long and is hand made of aluminum with genuine leather seats and bonnet straps. Although the product isn’t licensed by Bugatti, it still costs a very Bugatti-like €6350 (just shy of ten grand in American greenbacks), but is only available for delivery within France and doesn’t include the electric motor and wiring.

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Source: Autoblog