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Bugatti Veyron: 15 copies already delivered to Dubai

Bugatti Veyron
Dubai seems to be the area with the highest density of Bugatti Veyron according to this article. Our envy is with you. You can also read why aliminum was not good enough for Bugatti during construction. Interesting!

With a top speed of 408.47kph, you need not worry about a bird-strike wrecking your radiator, because the limited-edition Veyron has six meshes in front of its radiators – all made of super-strong titanium.

The decision to use titanium came about when Bugatti, a French division of the Volkswagen group, was test driving the car, says head of the company’s media communications, Julius Kruta.

“We were putting the car through a hot test drive session in South Africa when a bird flew right into its path,” he told Emirates Business. “At the speed of 330kph it was like a small missile being hurled at the car and it smashed through the six aluminium meshes in front of the radiator and destroyed it.

“That’s when our engineers and design team decided to replace the aluminum meshes with titanium. So now if a bird ever hits the Veyron at that speed again it will come out the other side looking like French fries and the radiators will remain safe.”

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Source: Business24-7