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Lamborghini: Dancing on ice at European Winter Academy

We found a nice report about Lamborghini’s European Winter Academy. Looks fun!

Lamborghini has launched an ice-driving school, to help drivers get to grips with the Gallardo range’s impressive capability on snow and ice. The inaugural 2008 European Winter Academy took place in January, at the Auronzo di Cadore, Cortina d’Ampezzo, in Italy.

Each day, 15 drivers received expert tuition from professional drivers before putting the Spyder, Coupe and Superleggera through their paces on icy road surfaces, while going through oversteering, understeering, emergency braking and pendulum exercises, followed by laps around the ice track.

Lamborghini is unique among supercar manufacturers in offering this facility, which was set up to demonstrate the Gallardo’s extraordinary adaptability even on snow-covered roads, and the strengths of Lamborghini’s permanent four-wheel drive.

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Source: Classic Driver