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Lamborghini: Live pictures from Detroit Motor Show

We found some live pictures of the Lamborghini booth at the Detroit Motor Show. The booth looks to have the same design as the one at Tokyo Motor Show, either they focus on consistency or they are running out of ideas. Anyway nice to watch!

The proposed individualizations are part of the Ad Personam personalization program. The vehicles are based on the concept of “think of the impossible” and offers Lamborghini customers the ability to create their own “original”, perfectly tailor-made super sports car.

The Gallardo Spyder will be presented in an innovative Ad Personam matte brown paint, Marrone Apus, now available on standard vehicles in the wake of the enormous success met by the Reventón, the very first Lamborghini offered with a matte finish.

Marrone Apus, an elegant shade halfway between brown and black, gives off exquisite golden reflections in the sunlight due to a pigment able to imbue the paint with an iridescent look.

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Source: Jalopnik