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Lamborghini Reventon: How it works

Lamborghini Reventon
It’s always good to know how stuff works, that’s why we recommend the reading of how the Lamborghini Reventon works. Interesting!

Once you open the doors of the Reventon — which open upward, like all Lamborghini models since the 1974 Countach — and step inside, you’ll feel even more like a fighter pilot. The press releases even refer to the interior as “the cockpit,” so Lamborghini makes its efforts extremely clear once you’re sitting in the driver’s seat.

Most of the inside is “army green,” further convey­ing that militaristic feel, but the console seals the deal. The display screens behind the driver’s wheel consist of thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal, the same material used for LCD monitors, televisions and — surprise! — airplane instrument displays. Set in a mold carved from a solid block of aluminum, the instrument console offers three variations of vehicle information display modes. The highlight of these instruments is the new G-Force-Meter, which reads off statistics such as longitudinal acceleration (the forces you feel when accelerating forward or braking) and transversal acceleration (the force you feel when you drive around a bend in the road). Airplanes and Formula One racing cars use the same kind of technology.

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