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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S: Winter Driving School report

Porsche has held an interesting sounding Winter Driving School in Vail. Here’s a report.

Is it possible to make driving 30 mph feel like 130 mph? At Camp4 Colorado, a winter-driving school hosted by Porsche’s North American Travel Club, it is.

“There are other winter-driving programs, but none that let you, a) drive a $100,000 sports car and encourages you to stuff it into a snowbank, and 2) we make it a total experience,” said salt-and-pepper mustachioed program manager Bill Buckley, who oversees all of Porsche’s U.S. driving programs.

Of course, the objective of the winter-driving program is to teach drivers how to avoid crashing into snowbanks (or other cars) through a series of skill tests designed to improve awareness on the road while avoiding freakouts in choppy situations. All while behind the wheel of a high-performance Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

“It’s like what we used to do when we were kids but in a more structured environment and with more expensive toys,” said Kevin Schrantz, a driving instructor for Porsche and former professional race-car driver.

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Source: Vail Daily