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Porsche 914: Converted to electric!

Porsche 914
Have a look at this great mod of Ross Cunniff who converted his Porsche 914 from gas to electric. Nice idea!

Ross Cunniff’s 1975 Porsche 914 is anything but retro.

It’s probably closer being a car of the future.

Operating entirely on electricity, the car carries 18 8-volt batteries in the front and rear of the car.

That’s 1,200 pounds of batteries, Cunniff said.

“It looks the same as a gasoline car unless you happen to look closely and realize it has no tail pipe,” Cunniff said.

The car regenerates energy by plugging the battery charger into the wall. To charge the car entirely takes five hours, Cunniff said. The completely charged car can go approximately 120 miles before needing a “fill up.”

Cunniff said he hasn’t noticed a major rise in household electrical costs since completing the car. And he no longer needs to hit the gas pump.

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Source: The Coloradoan